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160 Mimosa Lane Jackson, GA 30233

Classes designed to enhance the creative ability, coordination, and musicality in the child 3 to 4 years old. A child must be three years old as of the starting date of classes.

Ballet: A complete system offering ballet technique. Barre and centre work taught in each class.

Tap: A progressive system consisting of barre, centre, and floor exercises.  Classes emphasize speed, clarity of sound, rhythm, and training in combinations and routines.

Jazz: An extensive class in barre, centre, and floor work including, but not limited to theatrical, lyrical, and hip-hop.  Jazz aids in flexiblity and coordination.

Pointe: Offered to advanced ballet students.

Combination Classes                                        
Preschool Creative Movement (age 3)   1 hour                  $46/month
Ballet/Tap (ages 4 and up)                     1 hour                  $46/month
Ballet/Tap/Beginner Jazz                    1 1/4  hour           $50/month
Intermediate Ballet/Tap/Jazz              1 1/2  hour           $54/month
Advanced Ballet/Tap/Jazz                   1  1/2 hour           $54/month

Additional classes
Pointe (intermediate-advanced students)    1/2 hour                $20/month 
T&K Workshop (by invitation only)          1 1/4 hour             $26/month